Twisted Extracts – CBD Cara-Melts (80mg CBD)


TerraCannabis now presents: CBD Caramelts by Twisted Extracts

Creamy, buttery, and delicious. Our Cara-Melts are fully-infused with the same cannabis oil
we use in our Jelly Bombs so you can expect the same effects. To order yours today visit TerraCannabis. They’re individually wrapped
in 10 mg doses and can be easily stored in a purse or bag for discrete, on-the-go

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Twisted Extracts – CBD Cara-Melts

Edible cannabis products today have a broad variety of medical uses, a growing choice for patients seeking natural treatment.


Cannabis-infused foods have been consumed for decades since 1000 B.C. traditionally used in ancient China and India, cannabis was used in Western medicine in the earth-19th-century. Patients provided edible remedies to combat different infections, from intestinal and pain and anxiety.

Due to the importance of Edible cannabis products, “” brought this delicious Twisted Extracts – CBD Cara-Melts (80 mg CBD) to its loyal customers. This will be the real mix of Caramel and Cannabis, which will have a secure and effective delivery system for consumed cannabis.

“” CBD Cara-Melts are filled with cannabis oil. If you’re new to cannabis, you might suggest beginning with this CBD Cara-Melts. You will appreciate the true flavor of a healthy mix of Caramel and Cannabis.


People who consume cannabis also have a larger and longer-lasting body than people who smoke cannabis and have a height that normally lasts between one and two hours. Twisted Extract – CBD Cara-Melts (80 mg CBD) is effective in minimizing discomfort and can also give further relaxation for a longer time. Twisted Extracts – CBD Cara-Melts (80 mg CBD) available in 10 mg doses, which can conveniently be packed in a bag for convenient on-the-go intake.

“” guarantees that you will be satisfied with the freshness and quality of this CBD Cara-Melts (80 mg CBD), so why are you waiting now? Go, “” and purchase this CBD Cara-Melts (80 mg CBD) and experience a healthy and tasty mix of Caramel and Cannabis.

Ganja Express New Product Announcement: Twisted Extracts Cara Melts (40mg THC + 40mg CBD)

When it comes to the purchase of cannabis edibles (THC and CBD), the methods of procuring have dramatically changed. Instead of calling up your local dealer, there are a plethora of trusted online dispensaries that will deliver right to your door. How convenient!

When making a decision to order from a Canadian Mail Order Marijuana (MOM) shop or online cannabis dispensary you want good customer service, quality of product and successful delivery, GanjaExpress and Serene Farms are the online dispensaries at the top of our list. In addition to choosing where to shop, you’ll also want to choose the right product for you. When it comes to edibles, you want something that is both potent and delicious to give you the effects that you want. 

Toronto, March 21, 2020

“Edibles” is an umbrella term for cannabis-infused products, which can include baked goods such as cookies and brownies, beverages such as teas, chocolate bars, gummy candies and more. 

Cannabis edibles are made with cannabis oils or flowers and are a wonderful option for consumers who want to avoid the smell and smoke from joints or pipes. Cannabis edible lovers also love the gentle onset of an edibles high from the latency period vs an almost immediate thwap from smoking. You can take them anywhere, they’re discreet, and easily shareable at any time. Another positive from consuming edibles is the potency that contributes to the long lasting nature of the effects.

Today, you’ll find that most online dispensaries carry edibles due to their growing popularity. But online dispensaries, GanjaExpress and Serene Farms have just released a foodie-approved edible, that pairs both the medicinal benefits of CBD and the euphoric, uplifting sensation of THC, a truly winning combination.

Twisted Extracts Cara-Melts is a 1:1, Indica:CBD (40mg THC + 40mg CBD) edible. It’s combination of THC and CBD provides an irresistible medicine designed to heal both your mind and your body. A wonderfully holistic choice. In addition to the medicinal qualities of Twisted Extracts Cara-Melts, Ganja Express and Serene Farms chose to release this product for its delectable flavor. 

Ganja Express understands that caramel holds a special place in the market for its widespread use in luxurious goods, from delicious treats like desserts and candies, beautifully silky ice cream sauces and crispy shells of crème brûlées. The reason we love it so much is caramel’s complex flavor profile, sweet yet toasty with smooth buttery notes rounding out the flavor. Caramel is both elegant and nostalgic, bringing us back to childhood with our small amber squares of candy wrapped in clear plastic, when consumed, melting into a soft, brown sugar flavored delight. 

Ganja Express is proud to offer this delicious and potent edible in their line of products and rate Cara-Melts as one of their top products, especially around the holidays  specifically, Valentine’s day, Easter, and the Christmas season when indulging in treats is at an all time high.

Both Ganja Express and Serene Farms are trusted online dispensaries and they’re our top picks when it comes to buying your Twisted Extracts Cara-Melts today.  

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