Tora Bora (Terp Sauce)

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Tora Bora will pack a very comfortable, sedative, powerful punch. Don’t expect to leave the house when you smoke Tora Bora. It is a powerful strain that many enjoy because head buzz hits initially and creeps into a total body relaxation. The Terps provide immense flavour with less THC than other extracts.

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At its onset, Tora Bora ushers an uplifting sensation that puts the mind and body at ease. Some people may find themselves feeling creative or even euphoric. But these effects are not as a result of the psychoactive properties of the strain. Instead, it is due to the ever-increasing intensity of the body high. Pretty soon, two things are likely to happen. It begins with a numbing buzz that drifts down from the neck down to the spine. As it spreads over the body and limbs, users succumb to the deep body relaxation. Some people may find themselves spacey and contented to soak in bliss. Others, though, may experience a pleasurable mind-bending though-provoking mental high while ebbing with the physical effects.

As can be expected of an Indica plant that overwhelms the body with a numbing and sedating high, it can help relieve the symptoms of chronic pains and muscle spasms. It goes without saying that by inducing a profound body relaxation, users are also going to fall asleep even before the effects of the strain ultimately leaves the body. For that reason, it becomes a useful aid for patients and even insomniacs who need quality sleep.

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