Super Gas Live Resin (B)


Super Gas by Soulshine Cannabis is a Haze-heavy powerplayer that combines the stimulating elements of G13 and Super Silver Haze. This sativa-dominant combination smells of Haze, exhibiting earth and skunk aromas and pine on the exhale. The effects strike the head immediately, offering an uplifting mental buzz and pleasant body effects that complement the stimulation natural to this strain

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Live resin is a cannabis concentrate made from flower that hasn’t been cured or dried like the majority of cannabis products to retain the terpenes and flavors. Instead, freshly picked buds are frozen immediately after harvest. By doing this, the cannabis plant retains its valuable terpene profile, original flavor, and fragrance through the extraction process and into the final product.

Aroma: Super Gas Live Resin emits an intensely earthy aroma, with notes of dried leaves and soil. A second whiff may also reveal some hints of pine lurking underneath. Grinding up or breaking apart these flowers, meanwhile, can yield some rich fumes of diesel and skunk.

Taste: Super Gas Live Resin has a flavor of skunky pine and sweet herbs that has a spicy exhale. Those toking in public may want to take some precautions, as Super Gas can be a particularly pungent smoke.

High: Super Gas Live Resin high takes hold soon after the strain is ingested, unleashing a headrush that may be accompanied by sensations like pulsing around the temples or some flushing in the cheeks.

Used for: Body High, Cerebral, Creative, Uplifting, Chronic Pain, Depression,  Fatigue,  Glaucoma,  Migraines,  Nausea


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