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King Kong Glue also sold at Herb Approach, often referred to as simply King Glue, was bred by crossing the strains Gorilla Glue, White Widow and BB Cheese Reversed. King Glue is an indica-dominant (75/25) hybrid and provide the full body relaxation associated with indicas. However, King Glue also provides the cerebral-buzz many users look for in sativas. In fact, King Glue works as an exceptional social lubricant, inspires creativity and can cause fits of giggles. It is no ordinary indica. For those who like to enjoy the best of both worlds, King Glue can be found in cannabis stores and online dispensaries.

In many ways King Glue resembles a classic indica, taking its name from the thick covering of sticky, silver trichomes over light, almost neon-green buds. King Glue is characterized by visible patches of deep purple, mass of curling amber hairs complete the picture.

Those resinous trichomes ensure King Glue has high THC, averaging around 20%. The profile is completed by terpenes such as caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene, which produces its signature sour odor which often includes notes of citrus

King Glue is known for the long-lasting effects of its high, this typically combines the sensations usually associated with indica-dominant strains, but also focused and stimulating effects that allow users to be product and may encourage creativity.

King Glue is particularly effective at combating the symptoms of an upset stomach and rectifying a loss of appetite.

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