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Grand Daddy Purple is a 100% indica strain that contains up to 23% THC content and very low levels of CBD. It was developed in San Francisco and is the product of crossing two well-known indica strains – Big Bud and Purple Urkle. As a pure indica with high THC levels, Grand Daddy Purple has become popular as a guaranteed way to find tranquility.

Often referred to as Grand Daddy Purps or, simply, GDP, this strain is reported as being easily the most requested strain from medical cannabis dispensaries. It is also used recreationally and is readily available from outlets and online dispensaries.

The Purple moniker derives from the plants aroma which has clear fruity, berry-like tones and has been compared to marshmallows. The taste is sweet and reminiscent of grapes.

As a 100% indica strain with a very high THC content, Grand Daddy Purple is an ideal means to find a deeply sedative high. GDP acts quickly to calm the body and mind, as such it is certainly a strain to enjoy in the evening and is particularly well-suited to use as an aid to a good night’s sleep.

GDP can also be used for a range of conditions that are eased by relaxation. Stress and anxiety are effectively reduced by GDP and it is also used to manage chronic pain. This strain is also an obvious choice for anyone suffering from insomnia.

It should be emphasised that GDP was really developed with many of these conditions in mind and is a reliable relaxant that is very effective at treating many conditions. The ‘body-melt’ frequently experienced with high THC indica strains is likely rather than possible and GDP is best used later in the day.

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Budget Buds: Grand Daddy Purple

According to many reports from Online Dispensary Canada, Grand Daddy Purple is the strain requested more than any other from medical cannabis dispensaries.  Now this popular and versatile strain is on special offer from Serene Farms and Buy My Weed Online.

As one of Serene Farms’ carefully selected Sale Strains, Grand Daddy Purple is available at a discount price.  Serene Farms have chosen a range of top-selling strains for their Budget Buds selection. Grand Daddy Purple is one of many top-quality strains that can be purchased for as little as $3.99! 

Serene Farms is able to offer lower prices on these specially selected as they farm their own produce.  Customers are able to choose Grand Daddy Purple or another top-selling strain from only $3.99.

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Toronto, March 2, 2020

Often referred to as Grand Daddy Purps or, simply, GDP, this strain is reported as being easily the most requested strain from medical cannabis dispensaries.  This is perhaps unsurprising as GDP was specifically developed with medical marijuna use in mind.

GDP was created by crossing two well-known Indica strains – Big Bud and Purple Urkle.  The result was a 100% indica strain containing more than 23% THC but with very low levels of CBD.  This means GDP is a reliable body relaxant and can be used to treat many conditions. 

This strain is fast-acting and ideal for occasions when it is necessary to quickly calm the body and mind.  GDP is an ideal choice for anyone needing to treat anxiety, stress or to combat pain. It has become a favorite for anyone seeking to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

GDP plants produce a fruity, berry-like aroma, which is often likened to marshmallows, while the flavors are sweet with hints of grape.

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